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Welcome to Therapy Clothing & Co.

Born out of love, passion and determination. Curated over laughter and late nights. Three best friends with a dream that turned into a plan.
Welcome to Therapy Clothing & Co.

the retail therapists


Mal is our in-house Crazy Cat Lady (every store has to have one, right?!) Mal speaks fluent sarcasm, which is why the three of us make a great team. Oftentimes we laugh mid-sentence because we know exactly where the other person's sarcastic thought is going! Mal is a "Momcicle" spending WAY too many hours in the arena with her 11-year-old son Dominic--- both Washington Capitals Fans (don't wear your Canucks gear around here!). If you hear someone talking through our concrete walls or a laugh loud enough to be echoed through the Golden Ears... it's probably Mal! When not in the rink or driving her son and his friends around, you can find Mal traveling anywhere and everywhere.

Quick Facts:

Loves: Bellini's, good grammar and proper spelling, country music, glamping, cruising

Hates: Black socks & braggers

Passionate About: Animal Adoption, Supporting Local, and rooting for the underdog. 


You don't need to mind your 'P's & Q's around Lexie she's a drop the f-bomb kinda mom! Lexie is loud, blunt, sarcastic, and loyal. Like the other Retail Therapists, you will also hear Lexie turning anything & everything into an innuendo! Lexie will tell you like it is (with a dash of humor), so if you want to know how that new dress looks on you... only ask if you want the truth!

In Lexie's words, her, Mallory and Lynsey may fight like sisters (stay back if you walk in on a scuffle), but don't worry, they always end up laughing about the situation later.

Quick Facts:

Loves: Animals, children, serial killer podcasts, bad reality TV, cheese, nachos, wine, musicals, comedy shows, country music.

Hates: Anything Star Wars… dont judge me

Passionate about: Animal rescue, horses, good food and good times with good people 


Lynsey is a lover of laughing until her face hurts. Together Lynsey, Mal and Lexie are maybe the funniest people ever (or at least they like to think so). You can always trust Lynsey to hold and entertain your little ones while you focus on buying a new outfit. If you are looking for comfortable clothes to wear and you don’t want to look like you rolled out of bed, or you have a girls night out and you need that perfect addition to your outfit, Lynsey is your girl.  

If your girl gang needs some support or your glass needs filling (emotionally or physically) please stop by and say Hi!

Quick Facts:

Loves: Love, the ocean, good books, fuzzy blankets, 90’s music, chips, camping & reality TV

Hates: Parallel parking & animal captivity 

Passionate About: Good wine & cheese, human & animal rights & traveling the world